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Debian Project Lead: Snappy and Mir Bad Ideas

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Neil McGovern, Debian Project Leader, opened himself up to questions a few days ago on reddit and questions he got. McGovern answered queries on his relationship with Valve, his opinion on Ubuntu, and his desktop of choice among many others. He also spoke a bit on the Chromium spyware mistake, the current state of Debian GNU/Hurd, and lots more.

One of the first questions wondered if McGovern was jealous of anything from any other distro. To that he answered Arch's wiki calling it "an absolutely amazing resource" that he himself uses. He then said Debian's graphical installer needs a bit of an update, but the curses installer is there to stay. He desktop of choice is GNOME and is currently using version 3.14 (and vim is his favorite editor). Later he added that GNOME will remain the default desktop in Debian.

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