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Open Hardware

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  • Local companies use open-source hardware

    You probably know the Linux penguin, that cud­dly mascot of open-source software, but do you know the mascot of open-source hardware?

  • Why open hardware is winning

    While recently demonstrating a prototype to a family member I was asked, "Are you going to patent that?" While happy to see such enthusiasm, I tactfully declared that I couldn’t seek a patent, as it was built using open source components. This perplexed my family member who, being from a generation or two (or three) before me, thought that is how "inventing things works." So, I did my best to explain the seemingly "hippie-ish" concepts of open source, copyleft, and Creative Commons licenses to someone from America’s Greatest Generation with little success.

    In the end, we simply agreed to disagree on the issues of patents and capitalist pursuit.

  • Open Source Digital Walkie Talkie Development Board (video)

    Makers, developers and hobbyists that are looking to build different communication systems may be interested in a tiny open source digital walkie-talkie development board that is being launched several Kickstarter crowdfunding website.