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Leftovers: KDE

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  • Baloo and NodeJs
  • KDE Connect on Github

    A month ago I created two mirrors for the KDE Connect repositories in Github, and I’m really happy with it. Projects in Github are more discoverable than in our internal KDE repo (our GIT web interface is not even indexed by search engines!), and makes it easier for new developers to get involved and send contributions, like these pull requests.

  • GSOC near its end
  • GCompris goes to KDE Randa Meeting 2015

    The Randa Meeting is an annual KDE sprint that takes place in Randa, Switzerland from the 6th to the 13th of September.

  • A (or the) secret about the Randa Meetings

    This year we hold the sixth edition of the Randa Meetings and during the year we had some really important (for KDE and the users of our software and products) and far-reaching events that happened in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

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