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KDE and Akademy

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  • Support Randa 2015

    Weeeee! KDE is sponsoring Randa Meetings again, this time with touch. And you can help making KDE technologies even better! This exciting story in the Dot this week, caught not only my attention, but my pocketbook as well.

  • Kdenlive 15.08: 4 years of maturation, and how to help Free Software to live

    Finally it is ready: Kdenlive 15.08 is an important accomplishment!

  • Usability at the KDE sprint in Randa
  • Final evaluation

    As we all know we have our final evaluation of our GSOC project next week. I have completed my project and would like to display how the integration between Cantor and LabPlot works.

  • PUCK: Replacing QML with Yaml, CoffeeScript, LiveScript or *Script
  • Sprinting KDE Connect

    KDE Connect is nowadays on a sweet moment where many things can happen. This is an interesting moment to sprint, because it will allow all of us to work together on interesting features that can then be merged at once with greater impact.

  • A Qt Platform Abstraction plugin for KWin

    In Qt we have the Platform Abstraction (QPA) which allows to better interact with the used windowing system through a plugin. In case of KWin we use the “xcb” plugin on X11 and on Wayland we used to use the “wayland” plugin provided by QtWayland. For quite some time I had been thinking about migrating away from those and use an own KWin-specific plugin at least for Wayland.

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