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Fedora: The Latest

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Red Hat
  • Fedora 24 Workstation Will Use Wayland By Default, Fedora 24 Server Drops 32 Bit Support

    As you may already know, the Red Hat developers are working hard at Wayland, a next generation display server that will slowing get adopted in RHEL, CentOS and Fedora systems.

  • Proposed New Branding for Rawhide: Untested

    At flock, mattdm, I and others were discussing the need to replace the message about Rawhide that it kills babies, eats kittens, etc.

  • Fedora Workstation Next Steps: Wayland and Graphics

    So I realized I hadn’t posted a Wayland update in a while. So we are still making good progress on Wayland, but the old saying that the last 10% is 90% of the work is definitely true here. So there was a Wayland BOF at GUADEC this year which tried to create a TODO list for major items remaining before Wayland is ready to replace X.

  • Secure distribution of RPM packages

    This blog post looks at the final part of creating secure software: shipping it to users in a safe way. It explains how to use transport security and package signatures to achieve this goal.

  • Upgrade Complete
  • Odd touchpad behavior in Fedora 22

    A few days ago, the touchpad on my HP 2000 Notebook PC began acting up. It would jitter around a lot and insert phantom mouse clicks. My desktop ended up with approximately Avogadro’s number of Notes widgets. At first, I thought the touchpad was going bad. I resigned myself to a life of using a USB mouse, at least until I could buy a replacement.