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Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela - Tight as a tiger

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Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela is a highly polished, refined, practical, effortless distro. It's a genuine joy to use. Everything works as expected, and best of all, out of the box, by default. The new release brings in an avalanche of small, soft but most effective improvements, including system settings, themes, and software management.

On the bad sides, there are some tiny quirks. Having to leave your bubble of fun and wander around the Internet in search after some new icons or decorations lessens the impact of having a closed and tight ecosystem that can sustain itself. The Realtek bug is also rather annoying and maybe even alarming, and I do not know how to explain the power to brightness applet transformation. But it only happened once.

Overall though, the impression is very similar to Xubuntu Vivid. Slightly more restrained, because I've learned to accept the fact Mint is a top notch player, whereas Xubuntu used to be a black swan underdog and now it's a majestic phoenix sweeping over the forests of distrolandia, and there's more of a dramatic effect there. But then, tiny tiny glitches, the family woes, and a whole lot of goodness, elegance, great software, and not a single crash. My 10/10 wizard stick is out again, and it's trickling faerie dust. 9.99999/10. Not perfect, because perfection means zero flaws. But you should be testing this one, right now. See you around.

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