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A great time to be a Linux person

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2007 is when desktop Linux really shifted into high gear for me. A friend had told me that he'd tried Ubuntu and it was really awesome. "It's designed to be immediately usable as a desktop OS, and it shows," my friend said. So when my roommate started crabbing about how much he despised Windows on his laptop, I started trying to convince him to install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. He seemed dubious, and I wasn't really using my laptop very often, so I did an install on my own laptop and showed it to him. As I answered his questions and solved his potential adoption problems, I started looking seriously at it myself. Feisty was nice, in a way that desktop Linux never had been for me before—it was actually easier to get simple day-to-day tasks done than it was with Windows! Of course, it also had the reliability of Linux, and it was nice using something more like my servers on my desk.

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GNOME Shell looks a little different in GNOME 42, which is currently in active development. I wasn’t able to showcase the shell theme tweaks in my GNOME 42 alpha post but, over the weekend, fuelled by coffee

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Linux 5.17 Features From New AMD P-State To Xilinx Drivers, Lots Of New Hardware

This morning marked the release of Linux 5.17-rc1 that officially ends the merge window for this next stable kernel series. Linux 5.17 won't see its stable debut until around the end of March but there is a lot to get excited about for this open-source kernel in 2022. Linux 5.17 is exciting for mainlining the AMD P-State driver that has been under review/testing for the past several months in cooperation with Valve for the Steam Deck, initial Intel Raptor Lake bring-up bits, Intel Alder Lake P graphics being promoted to stable, lots of preparations for future AMD processors, initial support for the recently launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, many tablet / laptop support improvements, x86 straight line speculation mitigation support, support for a low-cost RISC-V platform, and a whole lot more. Read more

5 Best Free and Open Source Stock Tickers

A stock ticker is a report of the price of specific securities, updated continuously throughout the trading session by the various stock market exchanges. The term “tick” refers to a change in a security’s price from one trade to the next. A stock ticker displays these ticks, along with other relevant information, like trading volume, that investors and traders use to stay informed about current market conditions and the interest in that particular security. Read more