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​Why there will never be a year of the Linux desktop

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I love the Linux desktop. As far as I'm concerned, the Linux Mint 17.2 is the best desktop around. Heck, I was once editor-in-chief of a website called Linux Desktop. But today, I believe there's no way the Linux desktop will ever become the top desktop operating system.

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Linux Desktop

The Linux kernel itself is rock stable but I feel free desktops peaked at Gnome2 and KDE3/4. They went downhill quickly since then because they adopted technologies that neither Gnome or KDE have the manpower to maintain.


I feel this way regarding KF5. It's still far too messy for me, it's like going a decade or more back.


gnome 3.18 decided not log me in again so I removed it and installed KF5 (5.14 with plasma 5.4.1).

I reported a few KF5/Plasma bugs the last week or so: (This is broken in kickoff but works in kicker). (Baloo shouldn't blindly index all folders in my home directory). (a Solid crash). (dolphin bug). (If I mount a usb disk, kickoff "Computer" panel doesn't show it as mounted till I restart plasmashell).
And a few others a well.

Someone else reported this bug in kcalc.

Edit: there is also this from months ago
Kinda frustrated and grumpy about it right now haha Smile

KF5 bugs

I haven't submitted KF5 bug reports yet. I'm assuming the bugs I am experiencing are so obvious that they are likely to have already been noted, noticed (by developers), or reported by early adopters.

Thankfully, no bug is truly critical. I haven't, for instance, been forced to reboot or lost an entire session.

For now I am kind of missing KDE4 and wish I stayed with it for longer (maybe another year or more).

It's good to know I'm not alone in all this...

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