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Linux Devices

  • Hipster Linux Box is an 8mm Film Editor

    Browsing though the junk store one day [Alec] spotted an old school 8mm film editor. For those who weren’t around, video used to be shot on film and editing it was a mechanical task of cutting (with a sharp implement) and pasting (with special tape) back together. It’s sad to see these in junk stores, but great for [Alec] who thought it begged to have an LCD and a single board computer implanted in it. Once the editor was in hand, the machine was gutted of its very simple parts: a lamp, some mirrors and a couple of lenses. He took measurements of the hollowed out enclosure and got down to business.

  • The new Linksys WRT1900ACS router
  • First embedded-focused Skylake Mini-ITX SBCs arrive

    Arbor and Advantech unveiled Linux-ready Mini-ITX boards using Intel’s 6th Gen Skylake CPUs, with options ranging from a 25W Xeon to a 65W Core i7-6700.

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