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Fedora: The Latest

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  • (Un)bundling, Fedora and Outreachy, Future Budget, Fedora 23 Status, and DNF for building
  • Outreachy internship available

    Here’s a fantastic opportunity in open source for folks from underrepresented backgrounds. The Fedora Engineering team has an Outreachy internship available December 2015 to March 2016. Applications are being accepted at the Outreachy site. The deadline is 1900 UTC Monday, November 2, 2015.

  • In Summary: Flock to Fedora 2015

    Flock is the annual contributor’s conference for Fedora team members. It’s where contributors come together, discuss new ideas, work towards making them a reality, and promote the values of sharing free software. Every year, Flock alternates between a North America and Europe location. This year, Flock 2015 was held in Rochester, New York from August 12th to August 15th. Despite some delayed flights and early morning arrivals, Flock 2015 began on a high note, with Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller leading a State of Fedora talk as contributors from across the world assembled throughout the day.

  • Fedora 23 Final Freeze

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Timer Mechanisms With C and Linux

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KDE Eco Sprint May 2022

A week ago I attended the KDE Eco Sprint in Berlin for some experiments around power consumption measurements and tools for that. It has been the first in-person KDE sprint for me since the start of the pandemic, and even happened to be in exactly the same place as the last pre-pandemic one I have been to. Read more

Portmaster: GlassWire Alternative for Linux to Monitor Network

GlassWire is a popular network monitoring app (with no support for Linux) that helps you track data usage, unusual network activity, malicious access to the network, and more. I wish it supports Linux, but for now, it only works on Windows and Android. For Linux, we do not have a full-fledged GUI-based application that helps us monitor the network in Linux. However, I recently stumbled upon “Portmaster”, an open-source network monitor available for Linux and other platforms. Interestingly, it offers some of the same abilities as seen with Glasswire, with some extras. Note that it is not exactly a replacement for “GlassWire” but a potential alternative in the making. Read more