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Tiny rugged Linux COM jumps on TI Sitara AM57x

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Phytec’s 55 x 45mm, “PhyCore-AM57x SOM” supports the TI Sitara AM57x SoC, and offers a Linux BSP, -40 to 85°C operation, and an optional carrier board.

The PhyCore-AM57x SOM is the second computer-on-module we’ve seen after the CompuLab CL-SOM-AM57x to tap TI’s newly announced Sitara AM57x SoC. The AM57x also appears on the BeagleBoard-X15 single-board computer.

Germany-based Phytec is targeting the PhyCore-AM57x SOM at industrial human machine interface (HMI), factory automation, machine vision, building automation, networking, test and measurement, and medical imaging applications. The company previously employed a Texas Instruments Sitara SoC — the Cortex-A8 based Sitara AM335x — in its PhyCore-AM335x COM and PhyBoard SBC.

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