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Phoronix on Graphics

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  • X.Org Server Commit Process Opens Up To More Developers

    For the past few years, all patches flowing into the X.Org Server code-base had to be landed by Keith Packard. Keith was working for Intel on open-source graphics, but now he's been employed by HP since the beginning of the year and seems to have less day-to-day focus on Linux graphics / X.Org. So now he's opened it up to having sub-maintainers with commit rights to xorg-server Git.

  • VESA Announces eDP 1.4b, Marks Embedded DisplayPort 1.4 Production-Ready

    VESA has just announced the latest version of their Embedded DisplayPort specification, eDP 1.4b, which marks Embedded DisplayPort 1.4 as now being under a "production-ready" status with this standard being in development for over two years.

  • Intel Haswell Iris Graphics Don't Change Much On Latest Kernels

    If you are an Intel Haswell ultrabook user and curious whether the Iris Graphics are any faster when switching to one of the newer versions of the Linux kernel, here are some benchmarks.

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