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Karma: How Open Source changed my life.

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Needles to say that the interface was as ugly as sin, slower than molasses, and as bugged as an old mattress... but it worked, and moreover, it was free.
I immediately released the code on Github, and posted a link with a brief introduction on XDA.

I had no idea that those tiny steps would turn my life around, in just a few years.

The project literally exploded, the next day my inbox was clogged with replies to my XDA thread. People asking for more information, wanting to know how to compile the code, but most of all, people comparing it with that other app, the semi-free thing that had “ruined” my idea.

I started working on it like a dog. During the day, I kept up with my job as a PHP programmer for a company in Rome, at night and during my summer break, I wrote miles of code, considered new concepts, new functions, things those “other people” hadn't even thought of.

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