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  • PHP version 5.6.16RC1
  • GCC 6 To Enable Intel's MPX Library By Default

    Intel MPX support landed in time for GCC 5.0 but with it having landed close to release time, it was disabled by default. Now for the GCC 6 release in 2016, libmpx support will be enabled by default for all supported targets. This change was approved for landing this week ahead of the planned move of GCC's code-base to stage three this weekend, which will mark the end of feature development.

  • Six years of Go

    Six years ago the Go language was released as an open source project. Since then, more than 780 contributors have made over 30,000 commits to the project's 22 repositories. The ecosystem continues to grow, with GitHub reporting more than 90,000 Go repositories. And, offline, we see new Go events and user groups pop up around the world with regularity.