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  • Firefox OS 2.5 an experimental Android app APK now available

    Firefox has released an experimental app in the form of ‘Developer preview’version of its web-based Firefox OS for Android users. It is now available as an 88MB APK and works any launcher you will see in Google Play store.

  • Firefox 43 Will Be Using FFmpeg By Default

    The Mozilla developers have announced that Firefox 43.0, scheduled for release on December 15 2015, will be replacing GStreamer with FFmpeg. This is not surprising at all, since FFmpeg is available on the most popular Linux systems by default, or make it available via the default repos.

  • Firefox 43 to Use FFmpeg by Default on Linux

    FFmpeg is present in most Linux distributions, so it's not really surprising that Mozilla finally decided to make an important change to Firefox and allow it to use the latest FFmpeg packages that are present in a system.