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Enlightenment, GNOME, and KDE

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  • GTK+ 3.19.4 Has Wayland Fixes, More CSS Work & DnD Improvements

    Matthias Clasen has announced the release of GTK+ 3.19.4, the latest development snapshot for the toolkit in the road to GNOME 3.20.

  • content apps hackfest 2015 day 1

    Thanks to GNOME I’m attending the content apps hackfest. Today started with some introductionary some discussion on the individual applications, Documents, Books, Videos, Photos and Music. GNOME contributors also attended through hangouts and we managed to cover quite some ground in terms of what the content apps needs and their scope. We are around 13 in total sitting at Medialab, typing away on the keyboards now.

  • content apps hackfest day 2


  • Game Art Quest Kickstarter Nearly There

    And that’s going to be celebrated with some free tutorial videos. Over to Nathan!

    It’s Tuesday today, so it’s time for a new Krita tutorial. In this video, you will get an overview of the new features added in Krita since version 2.9.5. It covers all of the smaller, yet very useful workflow improvements brought to the application over the past few months.

  • Kdenlive 15.12 knocking on the door... test it easily before release!

    I won't say much more in this post, my topic here is to announce that application bundles are available again!

    These prebuilt archives are now hosted on KDE infrastructure, and contain the latest code (files generously prepared by MLT dev are still KDE4 version, and hosted on a private space)...

  • December Drawing Challenge Open!

    You’re all invited to join John’s monthly drawing challenge again. It’s fun, it’s friendly and helps with the all-important goal of keeping drawing. This month’s theme is “Complementary”.

  • Free Software Contributions in November 2015

    And last (in the last few days of the month) I’ve started a new project. SVN-branch is a utility that helps whoever still uses SVN switch between branches with more ease. We still use SVN at work, and the KDE translations system still uses SVN. So this came in handy for me.

  • Minuet: intervals, chords, and scales exercises

    Exactly one month ago I blogged about a new KDE application for music education named Minuet. Since it was only a few days until featuring freezing KDE Applications 15.12 at that time, we postponed the first release of Minuet to 16.04. The plan is to move it in a couple weeks to KDE review and make the final adjustments for having our newly KDE-Edu baby out in the wild.

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Julia 1.7 Released

  • Julia 1.7 Highlights

    Jeff Bezanson, Jameson Nash, Ian Butterworth, Kristoffer Carlsson, Shuhei Kadowaki, Elliot Saba, Viral B Shah, Mosè Giordano, Simeon Schaub, Nicholas Bauer, Keno Fischer After 4 betas and 3 release candidates, Julia version 1.7 has finally been released. We would like to thank all the contributors to this release (more than 79 people) and all the testers that helped with finding regressions and issues in the pre-releases. Without you, this release would not have been possible. The full list of changes can be found in the NEWS file, but here we'll give a more in-depth overview of some of the release highlights.

  • Julia 1.7 Released With Improved Threading Capabilities - Phoronix

    Version 1.7 of the Julia programming language implementation is now available, the open-source high-performance language that is general purpose but especially popular for computational science and numerical analysis. The Julia programming language is increasingly used for numerical computing/analysis use-cases and by all accounts remains on a terrific upward trajectory. Julia 1.7 is the latest feature release adding on new features and functionality.

LibreOffice 7.3 Beta1 is available for testing

The LibreOffice Quality Assurance ( QA ) Team is happy to announce LibreOffice 7.3 Beta1 is available for testing! LibreOffice 7.3 will be released as final at the beginning of February, 2022 ( Check the Release Plan for more information ) being LibreOffice 7.3 Beta1 the second pre-release since the development of version 7.3 started in mid June, 2021. Since the previous release, LibreOffice 7.3 Alpha1, 1199 commits have been submitted to the code repository and 205 issues got fixed. Check the release notes to find the new features included in this version of LibreOffice. Read more

A $25 16MP camera with autofocus for Raspberry Pi boards (Crowdfunding)

ArduCam has launched a $25 16MP camera with autofocus for Raspberry Pi boards with 40% higher resolution than the 12MP Raspberry Pi HQ camera, while keeping the compact form factor of the 8MP Raspberry Pi Camera V2. The camera is equipped with a 16MP Sony IMX519 sensor, works with any Raspberry Pi board with a MIPI CSI interface, and the company claims that with the existing camera tuning algorithms from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the camera module beats the Raspberry Pi HQ camera’s quality in every aspect including sharpness, saturation, exposure, and more. The downside is that it lacks supports for interchangeable lenses. Read more

New Ubuntu Linux Kernel Security Patches Address 6 Vulnerabilities, Update Now

Coming three weeks after the previous security updates, which addressed 13 vulnerabilities, the new Linux kernel security patches are available for Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri), Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo), Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa), Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver), as well as Ubuntu 16.04 ESM (Xenial Xerus) and Ubuntu 14.04 ESM (Trusty Tahr) releases to address up to six security vulnerabilities. For all supported Ubuntu releases, the new security updates fix CVE-2021-3744 and CVE-2021-3764, two security issues discovered in Linux kernel’s AMD Cryptographic Coprocessor (CCP) driver, which could allow a local attacker to cause a denial of service (memory exhaustion). Read more