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Leftovers: Software

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  • git-pbuilder 1.39
  • Term::ANSIColor 4.04

    The recent work I've been doing on podlators taught me that the build system of my other core module, Term::ANSIColor, was also doing the wrong thing when installed on Perl versions older than 5.11, even though no one had reported it. While I was there, I also switched back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker for the build system so that I'm testing the same build system that's also used for Perl core.

  • podlators 4.03

    There was a bug in the test suite of the last few versions of podlators that caused the test for devising dates to fail if POD_MAN_DATE or SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH were already set. Since I needed to fix that anyway, I decided to poke at the test suite some more, and made some good progress towards refactoring it, breaking out common code, and making it easier to add new tests. It's still in the stage where I've added more code than I've removed, but a lot of that is comments and the new code is much better.

  • Kodi 16.0 Beta 3 Release Brings More Fixes

    Kodi continues to subscribe to the "release early, release often" philosophy with today announcing the latest test release for Kodi 16.

    Kodi 16 is bringing DirectX 11 support on Windows, better Android rendering support, long-press support, music scanning library improvements, and much more.

  • FileZilla A Free FTP Client To Upload Files To Server Database

    Whether you are hosting WordPress on your own server or uploading files to your server database such as plugins, themes etc. You are going to need an FTP client. FileZilla is the most popular, open-source and free FTP client. It’s very easy to use and cross-platform. So you can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • git-pbuilder 1.38

    A minor update to the builder glue script for git-buildpackage. This release just has documentation fixes. I had missed that you no longer need explicit gbp.conf configuration because git-buildpackage now has a --git-pbuilder flag, and, when using that, there are a variety of other command-line flags to use instead of environment variables.