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  • So Long, Firefox OS Phones, and Thanks for All the Fun

    Yesterday news came with a blow: Mozilla announced that, despite development of Firefox OS will continue, they decided to stop their three year experiment with the OS on phones.

    For many, this was equal to saying that Firefox OS is dead.

    Some people were surprised because this decision came when Firefox OS phones were starting to get some traction in developing markets.

  • RIP Firefox OS phones, we hardly knew ye

    Mozilla has ceased development and sales of its open source, Linux-based Firefox OS mobile distribution, although the code may infuse future IoT projects.

    At Mozilla’s “Mozlando” developer conference yesterday, the company announced the end of its ambitious Firefox OS project for low-cost, web-oriented phones. TechCrunch ran a quote from Ari Jaaksi, Mozilla’s SVP of Connected Devices, saying in part: “We weren’t able to offer the best user experience possible and so we will stop offering Firefox OS smartphones through carrier channels.” Jaaksi also said Mozilla “will continue to experiment with the user experience across connected devices,” and that “we’ll share more on our work and new experiments across connected devices soon.”

  • Mozilla Distributes Funds To Open Source
  • Mozilla Dishes Out Money to Projects It Rellies On

    A month ago, Mozilla announced MOSS, the Mozilla Open Source Support project, during which it planned to give away $1 million / €0.91 million to open source projects it relied on.

  • Mozilla's content blocker, new JavaScript engine, and more open source news

    In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, Mozilla announces new content blocker and ends Firefox OS, the Edge browser's JavaScript engine source released, and more.

  • Mozilla's Servo Can Now Run On Wayland's Weston Compositor

    Mozilla's experimental Servo engine has been ported to run on Wayland's Weston.

  • Announcing Rust 1.5

    The biggest news with Rust 1.5 is the introduction of cargo install, a new subcommand that installs Cargo application packages on the local system. This tool offers a painless way to distribute Rust applications.