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New Android Phone Boasts 15-Day Battery Life: Meet Oukitel’s K10000 mAh Monster

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Smartphone battery life. It is truly the bane of modern life. While most of us are overjoyed when our phones make it over a day, what if you could get over a week of use without charging? This is the promise one company is making for its upcoming Android phone release. Meet Oukitel’s K10000 smartphone.

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This system was running Ubuntu 17.10 and the configurations tested included: - Ubuntu 17.10 in a "stock" or "out of the box" experience when using its Linux 4.13 kernel, GNOME Shell 3.26.1 with Wayland, and Mesa 17.2.2 atop an EXT4 file-system. - Upgrading the Ubuntu 17.10 system to Linux 4.15 Git for showing the power consumption when using the very latest kernel cycle. - This Ubuntu 17.10 + Linux 4.15 system then with Intel PowerTop installed and changing all the tunables to their "good" values for maximum power-savings. - Installing TLP and using its default power-saving options. Read more

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