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Linux Mint 17.3 Stabilizes Cinnamon Desktop

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When it comes to desktop Linux distributions, Linux Mint is often a top option. One of the reasons why Linux Mint has been so popular with users is the distribution's relentless focus on giving desktop users the best possible experience. With the Linux Mint 17.3 release that debuted on Dec. 4, stability and incremental improvements are once again paramount. Version 17.3, code-named "Rosa," is the second milestone update for Linux Mint in 2015, following the 17.2 update on June 30. Linux Mint 17.3 provides users with multiple desktop environments, though the primary choice for many is Linux Mint's own Cinnamon desktop, which has been updated to version 2.8, improving performance and usability. Users can also choose the MATE desktop, which is a fork of the GNOME 2 desktop environment. One of the biggest changes in Linux Mint 17.3 is the ability to configure software sources to get the fastest location for downloading updates from the various software repository mirrors for Linux Mint. Linux Mint 17.3 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release and is set to receive security updates until 2019. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the improvements in Linux Mint with the 17.3 release.

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