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Lessons from UbuCon: Canonical needs its own live events

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Canonical is one of the big three of the Linux world (the other two being Red Hat and SUSE), but the company no longer organizes events that bring people together in person. The company used to have Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS), but they changed it from an in-person event to an online event called Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS), which is organized over Google Hangouts.

UDS was not, of course, the only Ubuntu event; the Ubuntu community organizes many events on its own. UbuCon, which used to be a small, regional event is one of them.

With the end of UDS, UbuCon's popularity grew immensely. It grew so big that the community started co-hosting it with other major Linux events like Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE). And Canonical's involvement in UbuCon increased as well.

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