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Wayland: New Live KDE ISO and Server-side Decorations

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Jonathan Riddell today announced the first Plasma Wayland Live Image so everyone can test drive the new graphics server. Riddell added this is a milestone release because Wayland is able to run a full session including applications. Martin Graesslin joined the conversation by saying server-side window decorations are coming to Wayland early next year.

Riddell wrote that users of the live DVD will "notice some obvious glitches" but all the goodies should be "appreciated by everybody." I didn't have too much luck myself. I did get to the desktop I think, but nothing else materialized. I did see the wallpaper and a pointer. It may be been my dual monitors that threw it off. One screen had the full screen background, but the other monitor had a small section of background and a lot of black. It looked like it was trying to do a clone, but perhaps Wayland is cardist against NVIDIAs or something.

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  • Server-Side Decorations Implemented For KDE KWin On Wayland

    KDE's Martin Gräßlin has announced a Christmas present to everyone looking forward to KDE on Wayland: support for server-side decorations.

    KDE on Wayland has long been planning to use server-side decorations rather than the client-side decorations done by others on Wayland. Martin has now implemented the KWin/Wayland server-side decorations support to replace the "ugly" and feature-lacking Qt client-side decorations used by default.

  • KDE Releases First Plasma Wayland Live Image
  • First KDE Plasma 5 Wayland Live ISO Image Is Now Available for Download

    A few moments ago, December 18, KDE developer and ex-Kubuntu maintainer Jonathan Riddell had the great pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of the first ever Live ISO image with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment running on top of the next-generation Wayland display server.

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