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Deepin and Debian

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  • Deepin 15 RC Is Out, Continues To Focus On Simple & Clean Experience

    The release candidate is out on Christmas Eve for Deepin 15, a Linux distribution that continues to strive for a simple and clean experience that makes it easy for all users.

    Deepin 15 is adding new system sound effects, is based on the latest Sid packages, Qt is powering the desktop to replace their previous HTML5+WebKit usage, Mutter is used as the window manager, the Linux 4.2 kernel is used, systemd is used rather than Upstart, Bash is now the default shell rather than Zsh, GCC 5.3.1 is the base compiler, there is lower memory use, and many other changes. It's interesting they switched from an Ubuntu based back to a Debian Sid upstream, likewise, the desktop work they're now doing in Qt is interesting. Details and screenshots of their former HTML5 desktop can be found via this article from last year.

  • Deepin switches to Debian Sid

    Distribution that I feel fond of their work on UX for Linux ecosystem has switched from Ubuntu to Debian. So now pabs will probably invite them to our Derivate Census and they start packaging their stack into Debian directly.