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Is Lubuntu Faster Than Windows XP And Frankly Who Cares?

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Scientifically there is a reason Windows XP slows down over time and it is due to the file allocation table and the fragmentation of the hard drive.

When you start with a freshly installed system all the files are at the start of the disk. As files are added and deleted they space out over the disk, leaving gaps.

A recommended performance improvement for Windows XP is to defragment the hard drive.

All of those Windows engineers couldn't have been wrong for all those years could they?

No they weren't.

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Windows XP

Windows XP was the last Windows I ever used. It was very buggy at first but XPSP3 was great. It looked great too. It had the perfect combination of speed, modern looking widgets, and no glossy vista/7 or flat windows8/10 looks.
Except Microsoft had to murder it with everything that came after it...

Windows 98

The last version of Windows that I used was Windows 98.

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