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Fedora Packaging

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Red Hat
  • Add-on Metadata Initiative – Update

    Before Christmas I started an initiative with an objective to write AppStream metadata for app add-ons and get them to Fedora packages and ideally upstream. So what are the results after two weeks?

    In terms of attracting the community to join me in the effort, it’s been a failure. Maybe everyone just took time off during holidays which is also a good thing, we need to switch off from time to time. Maybe it’s just not an attractive objective for people. Anyway only one other person edited the wikipage and it was just added info about already existing metadata.

  • DNF 1.1.5 Fixes A Number Of Bugs
  • DNF 1.1.5 and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE 0.1.15 Released

    New year is there and so new release of DNF and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE. A lot of bugs have been fixed, improved speed of bash completion and documentation has been reviewed. Download plugin has been extended with two additional options. Read complete list of fetures and bug fixes for DNF and DNF plugins.

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Linux Practicality vs Activism

One of the greatest things about running Linux is the freedom it provides. Where the division among the Linux community appears is in how we value this freedom. For some, the freedom enjoyed by using Linux is the freedom from vendor lock-in or high software costs. Most would call this a practical consideration. Others users would tell you the freedom they enjoy is software freedom. This means embracing Linux distributions that support the Free Software Movement, avoiding proprietary software completely and all things related. In this article, I'll walk you through some of the differences between these two freedoms and how they affect Linux usage. Read more

Red Hat Helps Microsoft

Dual-core MCU Arduino compatible SBC has WiFi and audio

T-Firefly’s open-spec, Arduino Uno compatible Fireduino SBC offers Rockchip’s dual-core, Cortex-M3 RKNanoD MCU, plus WiFi, RTC, and MP3 audio. Chinese embedded firm T-Firefly is apparently the new name for T-Chip Technology, which sponsors the Firefly open source hardware project. Its Arduino I/O- and IDE-compatible, dual-core Fireduino board is supported by the Firefly project along with Linux/Android hacker boards like the Rockchip RK3128 based Firefly-RK3288 Reload and Firefly FirePrime. Schematics and the like have already been posted. Read more

A Variety Of OpenGL/OpenCL NVIDIA 367.27 vs. AMD Linux 4.7 + Mesa Git Benchmarks

For your viewing pleasure this afternoon are some fresh NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900/1000 benchmarks with the 367.27 display driver compared to various Radeon GCN GPUs using a patched Linux 4.7 kernel and Mesa 12.1-dev Git as of this past weekend. Read more