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Phoronix on Graphics (GLVND, Drag-n-Drop)

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  • AMD Is Planning To Support GLVND For Easier Linux Driver Setup & Maintenance

    The other follow-up question I received an answer to on Friday from AMD's media liaison was whether the company is looking at supporting the OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch Library (GLVND) to make it easier to install and maintain their user-space GL driver on Linux systems.

  • Drag-n-Drop Gets Improved Within Wayland

    Support for Drag-n-Drop (DnD) actions have been added to the Wayland protocol.

    Carlos Garnacho of GNOME developed the protocol support for adding Drag and Drop actions to Wayland. This protocol addition is meant to make Wayland DnD support closer to what's offered in the X.Org world with the XDND protocol.

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