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  • NetworkManger and tracking protection in Wi-Fi networks
  • NetworkManager 1.2 Has Better Wi-Fi Scanning

    Almost since the beginning of time, NetworkManager kept an internal list of access points found in the last 3 scans. Since the background scan were triggered at least every two minutes, an access point could stay in the list for up to 6 minutes. This was a compromise between mobility, unreliable drivers, and an unreliable medium (eg, air). Even when you’re not moving the closest access point may not show up in every scan. So NetworkManager attempted to compensate by keeping access points around for a longer time.

  • Skizze progress and REPL

    Over the last 3 weeks, based on feedback we proceeded fledging out the concepts and the code behind Skizze.

  • EggStateMachine
  • EggAnimation

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