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Linux Foundation Certified Engineer: Francisco Tsao

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n 1998, I got bored by the MS-DOS/Windows world. I was studying Civil Engineering, but in the neighborhood of my school was the Faculty of Computer Science, and I had some friends there. I began hearing about GNU/Linux from them. I bought a new computer and spent a weekend installing Debian 2.0 and, after a week, I had a graphical interface running on the box. The same year, I joined GPUL the Coruña Linux Users Group, where I learned a lot about tech and Free Software philosophy. Richard Stallman’s "The Right To Read" changed my life definitely. I'm very proud of my LUG (one that is still very much alive). In fact, this year we hosted the Akademy!

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Cloud Foundry Aims to Close Cloud Skills Gap

The Cloud Foundry Foundation on Wednesday announced the launch of a worldwide cloud-native developer certification initiative. The foundation created the cloud developer certification program to fill the widening gap of trained programmers for cloud apps and services. The Linux Foundation -- which has trained and certified more developers on open source software than any organization in the world -- will provide the instruction. More than a dozen leading technology, education and systems integration organizations around the world will participate in the cloud certification program. Companies involved in the initial training and certification rollout include Engineer Better, IBM, Pivotal, Resilient Scale, SAP, Stark and Wayne, and Swisscom. Read more

AMD Ryzen DDR4 Memory Scaling Tests On Linux

This week MSI finally released an updated BIOS for the X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM that we've been using for a majority of our Ryzen Linux benchmarks. With that motherboard improving memory compatibility and allowing us to finally run the board at higher DDR4 memory clock frequencies, I've run some fresh AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Ubuntu Linux benchmarks at various memory frequencies. Read more