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Using Android tablets as embedded smart touchscreens

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Who knows? One could imagine a situation in which an organization with a kiosk type device later discovers they have a vandalism problem. It would be easy enough to turn on the camera and record everything in a loop, or even use the built-in accelerometer to tell when someone is attempting to damage the unit, then turn on the camera and/or notify someone over the network interface. It is far nicer to have it there already than to try to add such capability to a preexisting product. And if you never need it? You didn’t pay anything for it, since you based your purchasing decision on only the processor and the touchscreen.

Repurposing an off-the-shelf Android tablet is clearly not a suitable solution for every embedded system designer’s user interface. But with a clear understanding of the trade-offs, you might find one to be a welcome addition to your toolbox for your next design.

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