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freespire source list

# sources.list for marlin/live-freespire as of Thu Jul 20 18:21:53 2006
# Generated from: http://refinery-ui/cgi-bin/;mode=raw;location=apt

deb marlin/live-freespire apps/live
deb marlin/live-freespire apps/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire apps/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire coreos/live
deb marlin/live-freespire coreos/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire coreos/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire isos/live
deb marlin/live-freespire isos/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire isos/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire kalyxo-main/live
deb marlin/live-freespire kalyxo-main/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire kalyxo-main/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire kde-core/live
deb marlin/live-freespire kde-core/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire kde-core/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire kernel/live
deb marlin/live-freespire kernel/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire kernel/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire los-i18n/live
deb marlin/live-freespire los-i18n/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire los-i18n/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire refinery/live
deb marlin/live-freespire refinery/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire refinery/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire services/live
deb marlin/live-freespire services/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire services/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-contrib-rev2/live
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-contrib-rev2/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-contrib-rev2/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-main-rev2/live
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-main-rev2/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-main-rev2/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-non-free-rev2/live
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-non-free-rev2/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire sid-non-free-rev2/live-unstable
deb marlin/live-freespire test/live
deb marlin/live-freespire test/live-freespire
deb marlin/live-freespire test/live-unstable

deb-src marlin/live-freespire apps/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire apps/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire apps/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire coreos/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire coreos/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire coreos/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire isos/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire isos/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire isos/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kalyxo-main/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kalyxo-main/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kalyxo-main/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kde-core/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kde-core/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kde-core/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kernel/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kernel/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire kernel/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire los-i18n/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire los-i18n/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire los-i18n/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire refinery/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire refinery/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire refinery/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire services/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire services/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire services/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-contrib-rev2/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-contrib-rev2/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-contrib-rev2/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-main-rev2/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-main-rev2/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-main-rev2/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-non-free-rev2/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-non-free-rev2/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire sid-non-free-rev2/live-unstable
deb-src marlin/live-freespire test/live
deb-src marlin/live-freespire test/live-freespire
deb-src marlin/live-freespire test/live-unstable

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