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  • Top 15 things to do after installing Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

    In this post, I will concentrate on Ubuntu GNOME from a newbie/intermediate user perspective and assist in a few thing that you should do after installing Ubuntu Gnome.

    You just did a fresh install of Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 and now you are confused why the movies aren’t playing? Don’t you want to install Skype, VLC or Spotify? and don’t you want to play games in Steam? Don’t worry. I will explain what to do post installation to make the distribution even more convenient and user-friendly. Just take a bucket of popcorn, tune in some Beatles songs and enjoy the ride.

  • GNOME 3.20 Beta Now Available
  • ANNOUNCE: Clutter 1.25.6 (snapshot)
  • Clutter 1.25.6 Released

    With Clutter 1.25.6, swap throttling is now enabled for full-screen windows with the GDK back-end. This change is designed to avoid performance penalties with the GDK back-end for constrained devices where running fullscreen Clutter and Clutter-GTK applicatons.

  • GNOME 3.20 Now Available for Beta Testing, Final Release Arrives March 23, 2016

    A few moments ago, Softpedia received an email from Javier Jardón Cabezas of the GNOME Project, informing us about the general availability of the first Beta of the upcoming GNOME 3.20 desktop environment.

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Review: Linux Mint 18 (Sarah)

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Review: Linux Mint 18 (Sarah)

If you were looking to jump the Ubuntu ship completely, then we recommend taking a look at our recent Review of Fedora 24. It’s equally as good as Mint 18 and equally worthy of your consideration. Between Linux Mint 18 and Fedora 24, we reckon it’s exciting times in the Linux world. With the exception and onset of the boring world of vanilla Ubuntu releases, Linux feels reinvigorated and fresh once again. Jump on board, because it can only get better from here. Read more

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