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Linux and breakfast cereal: Why are there so many flavours?

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To summarize, the very simple point I am trying to make here is that variety and selection are not a problem, they are an advantage! As consumers, we deal with them every day, in nearly every product that we acquire. So why do we hear never-ending complaints about there being too many different Linux distributions? I honestly can't understand it.

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Ubuntu tablet and smartphone: a personal "mini" review

So when Ubuntu and Canonical revealed they were partnering with actual, big manufacturers for Ubuntu mobile devices, a spark of hope was rekindled in my heart. Let it be clear, I am by no means an Ubuntu user, not even a fan. I left the fold nearly a decade ago, after having spent quite some time using and contributing to Kubuntu (to the point of becoming a certified “member” even, though I never ascended to the Council). In terms of loyalties and usage, I am a KDE user (and “helper”) foremost. I use Fedora because it just works for me, for now. So, yes, an Ubuntu Touch device would be another compromise for me, but it would be the smallest one. Or so I hoped. Read more

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