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Tizen gizmo adds a WiFi hotspot and cloud services to your car

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Samsung’s Tizen-based “Connect Auto” hooks into your car’s telematics system to offer driving analysis, alerts, and an LTE hotspot for in-car WiFi.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung announced an automotive accessory that runs Tizen Linux, and offers real-time alerts, driving analytics, hotspot services, and more. Samsung Connect Auto connects to the OBD II diagnostics port under the steering wheel where it analyzes telematics and fuel efficiency data, and delivers reports for improving driving behavior.

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Kinda ironic don't you think?

The symbol of software freedom being used to track and tattle on you and everyone is singing it's praises.

So now, when you take your Shelby 350 GT Mustang out to a remote piece of road and stretch it's legs a bit, your beloved car using your beloved linux will contact both the police and insurance company with location and speed so you'll not only receive a speeding ticket, but your insurance rates will increase.

No thanks... on the up side, you'll have wifi to help you also be a distracted driver.

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