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Linux 4.5-rc6

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I wish rc6 was smaller, but at the same time I'm just relieved that
Kirill found and fixed the problem with the THP cleanup series that
had plagued us this release cycle. So I can't really complain. Adding
to my relief is that another scary bug-report turned out to not be a
kernel bug at all, but a microcode issue. Which might perhaps be
worse, but at least it's not something we did (and now that it's known
it's avoidable).

The diffstat looks odd this time because there's a big patch to one of
the network driver header files that makes it look like the include
directory is almost 40% of the whole change. But that patch just
renames a ton of reserved fields, no actual code change.

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Also: Linux 4.5-rc6 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.5 RC6, Final Release Launches March 2016

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