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BeagleBone and C.H.I.P.

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  • BeagleBone Black-compatible COM design docs released

    BeagleCore has released design docs for its open-spec, BeagleBone-like COM and carrier board, which are both available for pre-order from Conrad Electronics.

    Last summer, Iesy funded startup BeagleCore failed to win funding for its eponymous BeagleBone Black COM clone on Kickstarter. Now, however, a slightly tweaked design is available for pre-order from Conrad Electronics, with plans to ship in April.

  • Video: C.H.I.P. Unboxing and first boot

    The folks over at AmeriDroid (an American retailer of the South Korean ODROID SBC/SoC products) posted a video showing the unboxing of the C.H.I.P. mini-Linux computer. I wasn't even aware they were shipping yet.

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