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Low cost add-on board lets Pi Zero do robotics

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Linux has Kickstarter-funded a “ZeroBorg” 4-motor robotics motor controller and sensor board designed to work with the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The Raspberry Pi has been widely used in Linux robotics projects with the help of controller boards and kits such as the CoroBot Spark, Roboteq RIO, RoboPi, and PinBall. So it was only a matter of time before robot makers jumped on the $5 and up Raspberry Pi Zero, which measures only 65 x 30mm and weighs just 23 grams. UK-based PiBorg,org, which has launched Pi-based robotics kits such as the 6-motor DiddyBorg and smaller 4Borg, has tapped the Zero for its new ZeroBorg controller. It’s not a full robot kit like the DiddyBorg or 4Borg, but a robotics motor controller and sensor board designed to fit snugly with the Zero.

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