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Growing a career alongside Linux

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I had played with Linux a bit, but had never considered delivering it to enterprise customers. Mere months later (which is a turn of the corner in startup time and space), I was managing a line of business that let enterprises get their hardware, software, and even books certified on a few flavors of Linux that were popular back then.

I supported customers like IBM, Dell, and HP in ensuring their hardware ran Linux successfully. You hear a lot now about preloading Linux on hardware today, but way back then I was invited to Dell to discuss getting a laptop certified to run Linux for an upcoming trade show. Very exciting times! We also supported IBM and HP on a number of certification efforts that spanned a few years.

Linux was changing fast, much like it always has. It gained hardware support for more key devices like sound, network, graphics. At around that time, I shifted from RPM-based systems to Debian for my personal use.

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