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Antergos 2016.02.21

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Antergos Antergos is a cutting edge Linux distribution which is based on Arch Linux. The project creates a powerful desktop oriented operating system that supports several desktop environments and install-time add-ons. Around the middle of February the Antergos project released a snapshot carrying the version number 2016.02.19. At the time I downloaded the ISO image, but was unable to get the distribution to boot on my hardware. I then moved on to explore other projects, but then discovered the Antergos developers had released an updated ISO, this one labelled 2016.02.21. I downloaded this new ISO and found it booted on my test system and so proceeded to experiment with the distribution.

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Matthias Klumpp informs the community about the availability of the first Beta build towards the Tanglu 4 "Dasyatis Kuhlii" GNU/Linux operating system, due for release later this year. Tanglu 4 "Dasyatis Kuhlii" Beta is distributed with the usual flavors, including with the KDE and GNOME desktop environments. A Core edition is available as well, designed for those who want to build their own Tanglu-based GNU/Linux distribution. Under the hood, all Tanglu 4 Beta editions are powered by a kernel from the Linux 4.6 series, along with the systemd 229 init system, but each one incorporates some of the latest open-source technologies that correspond to their user base. Read more

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Dual architecture (i686 and x86_64): Main ISO - Live ISO image for installation and recovery. MATE desktop ISO - Live ISO image for installation and recovery (with MATE Desktop Environment). TalkingParabola ISO - Live ISO image for installation and recovery (adapted for blind and visually impaired users) Read more

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