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CoreOS CTO: Containers Are the Next Linux Package Manager

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When they founded CoreOS, Brandon Philips and Alex Polvi set out to essentially redesign the Linux operating system for distributed systems.

They began by looking at the areas where they thought the whole server infrastructure space could be improved. Then zeroed in on one of the hurdles of distributed systems: deployments -- including application lifecycle management. They also realized that managing the lifecycle of all the files on disk -- the traditional job of a package manager -- is really hard.

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A new technology has arrived in Linux that can provide sysadmins and developers with a large number of new tools and dashboards for performance analysis and troubleshooting. It's called the enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF, or just BPF), although these enhancements weren't developed in Berkeley, they operate on much more than just packets, and they do much more than just filtering. I'll discuss one way to use BPF on the Fedora and Red Hat family of Linux distributions, demonstrating on Fedora 26. BPF can run user-defined sandboxed programs in the kernel to add new custom capabilities instantly. It's like adding superpowers to Linux, on demand. Examples of what you can use it for include: Read more