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Chromium 49 available for testing

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Red Hat

Russian Fedora Chromium users of both architectures (32 e 64 bit), release 49.0.2623.87 is available for testing now!

There have been some changes in the last 3-4 releases and ffmpeg now has been included and patched differently to the older versions. Also, vaapi and pdf support have been disabled and the build is done with clang again, as gcc 6 was the reason why chromium began to crash. GTK3 support has been enabled.

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The Licensing and Compliance Lab interviews AJ Jordon of

So basically Bradley Kuhn gave a talk at FOSDEM '17 about GPL enforcement and I was like, wow, it sucks how many companies and people think that enforcing the GPL is a bad idea. I mean, if you disagree with copyleft that's fine (though I personally would argue with that position), but then you should use a suitable license. Like MIT. The very idea that we shouldn't enforce the GPL just doesn't make sense to me because it suggests that the text of the license is watery and unimportant. I don't know about you, but when I say I want my programs to respect users' freedom, I mean it. So GPL enforcement is important. It seemed to me that there are probably a lot of developers out there who want to support GPL enforcement but don't have a good way to voice that support. is essentially a quick and dirty hack I wrote to make that dead-simple. Read more

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