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Is PCLOS 8.1 Close?

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A little birdie told me that PCLinuxOS pre-8.1 might be getting real close to being released. In fact, rumor has it, it may even be ready for posting tonight. Here are just some of the enhancements one might expect.

UPDATE: Not tonight honey, I have a headache.


I want to know WHO is responsible for these security leaks? This will no longer be tolerated and the traitor shot!

The beatings will continue until moral improves.

re: Who?

teehee. Just don't shoot the messenger!

And btw, I will have it known that I would go to jail rather than reveal my sources! Big Grin

You talk the talk, but do you waddle the waddle?

re: I could make you talk...

I'm not ticklish! Tongue

You talk the talk, but do you waddle the waddle?

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