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NVIDIA Latest Legacy Graphics Drivers v. 1.0-7182

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Version: 1.0-7182
Operating System: Linux IA32, AMD64/EM64T
Release Date: June 26, 2006

Release Highlights:

Earnings Preview: Red Hat

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Red Hat Inc. reports first-quarter earnings on Wednesday, June 28. The following is a summary of key developments and analyst opinion related to the period.

Life without Windows

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Ubuntu, a user-friendly version of Linux, has been running so nicely on my home personal computer that I decided to do an experiment. I wrote down a list of tasks I normally do with Windows XP and decided to see how many of them I could do on Linux.

DVD Bonus Features Released for Elephants Dream

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Elephants Dream, an open movie made entirely out of open source technology, has released more content under the Creative Commons Licensing scheme. Newspaper Ad Mockup Released

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The volunteer effort raising $10,000 to place at least two backpage ads in New York City's free daily paper Metro is now entering its second full week. We've collected over 10% of our goal already and continue to find new pledge donors at a healthy pace.

How one school system makes the most of open source

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Network engineer uses free programs for software distribution, databases and spam filtering to help support Apple Mac environment.

Roll your own Linux: for and against

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Linux cops a lot of arguably unjustified flack from the mainstream media for being an operating system for supernerds who like nothing better than to spend the weekend recompiling their kernel.

"Locked down" Linux dispenses Justice

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The Victorian Department of Justice (DoJ) is understood to have deployed a secure, "locked-down" Linux environment across more than 100 desktops in state prisons.

Jon Watson dishes on Linux World Net

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We sat down virtually this weekend with Jon Watson, the head of the Linux World Net blog network - focused on Linux. Here’s Jon’s dish:

ATI 8.26.18 Display Drivers

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There is nothing like starting the week off with a bang as ATI delivers the Windows CATALYST 6.6 and fglrx 8.26.18 Linux display drivers. Yes, the ATI drivers are shipping on a Monday compared against their usual Wednesday routine.

Giving VoIP Traffic the Green Light, Part 1

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VoIP call quality isn't always what it should be. Sometimes it is plagued by jitter, echo, lag--even dropped calls. In the next two articles you're going to learn how to prioritize your VoIP traffic to get the best quality. Linux has all the tools you need to do this. All that's required from you is an understanding of TCP/IP networking fundamentals--which we'll talk about today--and a traffic-shaping utility. Next week we'll get into the hands-on implementation, using the excellent utility Wondershaper.

Your comfort language

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I've been programming in Perl for years - over ten now in fact - and I've written numerous books and articles on Perl and Perl programming. I've also worked with Python and written books and articles on Python programming, including a guide to migrating Perl applications to the Python language. For a while I really saw Python as an alternative to Perl, but after so many years and experience with Perl and what was possible with the language it is difficult to move on from the 'Perl comfort zone'.

Linux hackers re-claim the Linksys WRT54G

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As predicted, the open source community has come up with a way to convert VxWorks-based LinkSys wireless WRT54G routers to Linux. The process does not require hardware hacking, and installs a recent version of "DD-WRT micro."

'Splunking' going on at the OSU Open Source Labs

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There's a good deal of spelunking going on these days at the Oregon State University Open Source Labs, but there's nary a rocky underground cave in sight.

First Looks Xandros Desktop 4

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I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Xandros Desktop, a commercial desktop Linux distribution designed for novice users - for deployment in home and office environments. There is something about this distribution that makes it a great introductory Linux system for those who are looking for an alternative to Windows.


Mandriva 2005 Postfix Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Relay Server for Exchange Server 2000/2003

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The Definitive Guide to Setting up a Linux Relay Server for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003. This guide has been written with Mandriva Linux in mind.

Partitioning and unbundled software

Disk layout planning is still a good idea. The trick is making sure your applications respect your plans.

Reading feeds efficiently with Akregator

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Information overload is a serious problem for most users. We all have so many sources of information to deal with, it's hard to keep them under control. One way to help deal with information glut is to use a good RSS and Atom feed reader, such as Akregator.

SUSE Linux course on a stick

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Novell has unveiled a SUSE Linux Enterprise training course contained on a portable USB drive, which it says is an industry first.

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