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Linux: Formatting Merge Requests

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kernelTRAP: In response to a recent merge request, Linus Torvalds explained how he preferred the request to be formatted, "please don't hide the branch name in the free-flowing text".

What's the Story Behind Apache?

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linux journal: Most people in the free software world know two things about Apache. The first is that its name derives from the fact that it was a “a patchy server”, built out of patches to the earlier NCSA HTTPd Web server. The other is that in terms of market share, Apache knocks Microsoft's IIS into a cocked hat. Unfortunately, neither of these statements is true.

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 6 Report

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openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 6 appeared yesterday, the same day as the unveiling of the new openSUSE News portal. And that right after the big announcement that Andreas was handing over the reins of project manager to Coolo. I kinda expected Alpha 6 to be delayed by that latter news. It wasn't and it was a doozy too. The DVD deltaiso was over a one gig in size, so I was expecting some significant changes and improvements this time.

Open source software on the Nintendo DS (Lite)

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Software The Nintendo DS is an excellent gaming device, but that's not all you can do with it. The machine's "hackability" makes the Nintendo DS a great platform for running open source software and even Linux, if you want to run a slimmed down version of Linux. In fact, several nifty open source applications can turn your Nintendo DS into a rather useful all-around computing device.

Linux geeks round on Steam

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the inquirer: THERE'S PLENTY of consternation floating around the Steam forums this morning as open sauce geeks get het up over Valve's persistant refusal to port its popular Steam game-delivery client to something a little more penguin-based.

Set Up OpenLDAP On Fedora 7

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This document describes how to set up OpenLDAP on Fedora 7. OpenLDAP is a directory server based on the LDAP protocol, that same protocol MS Active Directory is based on. OpenLDAP is an open-source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

GNUCash 2.0.0 - My favorite personal accounting software

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All About Linux: I have used a number of personal accounting software some of them non-free ones. But none compares with GNUCash when you compare them for ease of use, unbeatable price and extensive features all combined. GNUCash beats all its competition hands down.

GPL v3 Q&A with Luis Villa

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Red Hat Mag: Want to read every word of the long and complicated terms and conditions? Have at it. Prefer a brief explanation of its basic talking points? Then you’re at the right article. We happen to know a guy who knows a lot about this stuff–his name is Luis Villa, and he’s hacked on a few Linux projects in his day.

No tax software for you, naughty Linux/Mac user

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iTWire: It's tax time in Australia. Three weeks into the new financial year, now is about the time when people have all their documentation ready to give the government its yearly pound of flesh. But for Linux users there's no joy again.

Linux device offers free phone calls for life

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linuxdevices: A startup is readying an interesting new Linux-based device promising to deliver free domestic calls (in the U.S.) for life, with no ongoing charges. Ooma's hub uses P2P networking, with each user's landline serving as a potential local termination point for all other users.

Elive 1.0 - A Review

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shift+backspace: The first full version of Elive, 1.0, was released at the beginning of July this year to a fair amount of acclaim. It has been touted as one of the most visually appealing distributions, but how does it stake up against the out-of-the-box review style of Shift+Backspace?

Asus low-end laptops to run Xandros

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DesktopLinux: In early June, Asustek Computer and Intel announced at Computex Taipei that they would soon be releasing a low-end $199 subnotebook PC, the Asus Eee PC 701. It appears to be on schedule, and when it arrives in customers' hands in late August or early September it will be running a variation of Xandros Desktop Linux.

PCLinuxOS 2007 — simple and elegant

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polishlinux: PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) is one of many GNU/Linux systems belonging to the family of Desktop distributions. Its aim is to be a friendly and simple to use operating system.

March of the Desktop Penguins

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eWeek: When Microsoft's Windows XP went gold back in the fall of 2001, the platform was, practically speaking, the only desktop operating system game in town. But is this town now big enough for Windows and Linux?

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 Screenshots

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phoronix: The third alpha release for Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is now available for download. New in Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 include the latest desktop effects powered by Compiz Fusion, the GNOME 2.19.5 development release.

PCAL gets dates down on paper

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Software In our house, the refrigerator door is where we post the family calendar, showing our family and friends' birthdays, school terms, and important events, along with public holidays. We create the calendar using a nifty command-line program called PCAL, which produces a standard one-month-per-page calendar with each day in a separate box.

Linux: Debating Kexec Hibernation

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kernelTRAP: Ying Huang posted a new version of his hibernation patches that utilize kexec noting two changes, "1) the kexec jump implementation is put into the kexec/kdump framework instead of software suspend framework; and 2) the same code path is used for both kexec a new kernel and jump back to original kernel."

Also: Linux: Documentation Translations Merged

Application-wise network filtering on Linux?

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liquidat: Recently I was asked if Linux supports application-wise network filters. Despite the debatable sense behind such a function I was interested in the technical possibilities and current implementations. It turned out that there is no currently active project atm.

So, Can I have Gentoo back?

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Daniel Robbins: It appears that the Gentoo Foundation may be disappearing in a matter of time. Apparently, no one has time to actually do the work required to run the Foundation. There seems to be some momentum building behind the idea of handing over all of Gentoo's intellectual property to another Foundation.

Gimp Tutorial: Creating a Navigation Button

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Navigation buttons are essential features of both web pages and application interfaces. In the following tutorial, we create an attractive navigation button in a few simple steps that can be followed even with limited Gimp knowledge.

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