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‘Free’ comes at a cost

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I READ with great interest the article (Open up and be free, StarMag April 15) by Dzof Azmi. It was a nice change to see that an important topic often discussed by “techies” is finally explained in layman’s terms rather than technical jargon.

Failures in Feisty

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While Feisty Fawn has been out now for only about 48 hours, I have already tested out the final release on quite a bit of hardware (but there is still much hardware testing left on my TODO list). Among the items to point out so far include...

More Here.


RPM Installer for Konqueror or Dolphin in Kubuntu

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I'm a Kubuntu user and I ran into a situation recently where the app I wanted to install only came in an RPM. I've run into this situation before and always have to remember alien's syntax so I can install the RPM from Konsole. Kubuntu has a menu where I can right-click a DEB file in Konqueror to install it, so why not RPM's? Once I got bored of gripping I decided to create my own.

Siblings of kde-apps: qt-apps and qt-prop

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While I was away two new siblings of the well known group of websites around were launched: and

The two new pages will be a place for presenting Qt software to the public. Also, just like kde-apps and the other pages, it will be a place to discuss, publish news and provide the users the ability to keep up2date with changes through content subscription.

Semantics of Python variable names from a C++ perspective

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If you are going to start programming in Python and come from languages like C or C++, there are a couple of things you should know about variable names. In Python, variable names do not have the same behaviour as in C++. Part of this is clarified in the Python documentation, but I’ll try to give specific examples of things that work and don’t work as you may expect, and why.

Why Vista failed - suicide by not fearing Linux enough

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While some may say it's too early to claim that Vista failed but this week Microsoft largely admitted that Vista was a failure, so I think it's worth starting the post-mortem. The reason Vista failed was because it killed itself by not fearing Linux enough.

^txt2regex$: Regular Expression Tool To Create Regex from Description

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^txt2regex$ is a lifesaver. It helps you create regular expression strings in a step by step process, by describing what your regex pattern should do in English (or your own language). The tool can create RegExes for use with 23 different programs, including sed, vim, mysql, and procmail. When you start the program, it will ask you a series of questions like “1.

Quick Tip: Open Firefox Searches in New Tab

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The default action for searching with the Firefox toolbar is to open the search in the current tab. This drives me crazy, but thankfully it’s easy to fix.

More Here.