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Quick Roundup

Type Title Author Replies Last Postsort icon
Story Managing User Accounts and Passwords matthartley 17/09/2015 - 7:55pm
Story Security Leftovers Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 4:11pm
Story GNOME 3.17.92 Release Candidate Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 4:01pm
Story WordPress brings the freedom to the front Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 3:30pm
Story How To Install & Use TrueCrypt In Ubuntu Linux To Encrypt Files & Folders Mohd Sohail 17/09/2015 - 3:26pm
Story Review: The ideal Linux laptop for power users Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 11:34am
Story Debian GNU/Linux 8 Now Ready for Creator Ci20, Android 5.0 Support Coming Soon Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 11:29am
Story New Linux-Only Mainframes Support Chef Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 10:12am
Story Rugged, secure SMARC COM runs Yocto on Tegra K1 Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 10:06am
Story Tor relay reinstated in the Kilton Library: a win for free software-based anonymity Rianne Schestowitz 17/09/2015 - 10:01am

some howtos:

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  • remove and restore the Volume Button from systray Ubuntu
  • Easy Administration of Ubuntu using Ubuntu Control Center
  • Save Web Pages as Ebooks with Instapaper
  • Secure Your Linux PC by Encrypting Your Hard Drive
  • GIMP Tricks for Isolating Parts of Images
  • How to Create Flames in Gimp
  • Crytography and Digital Signing with GNUPG2
  • Build packages from sources for Slackware with

Other X.Org Discussions At The Ubuntu 11.04 Summit

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Ubuntu This though wasn't the only X-related discussion to take place at the Ubuntu 11.04 developer summit in Orlando this week, but there were other related topics discussed such as KMS configuration / quirk handling, the multi-monitor experience on the Ubuntu desktop, and multi-touch support.

Open Source for Amercia Honors Open Source Advocates

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Drupal Open Source for Amercia was established to promote the awareness and use of Free and Open Source Software and technologies in the U.S. Federal Government. Today the winners of their inaugural open source awards program were announced during the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) 2010, in Portland, Oregon.

MeeGo 1.1 for Core, Netbooks, IVI and Handsets arrives

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Linux Intel and Nokia have quietly released the first major update to the open source MeeGo mobile operating system, version 1.1.

A new Flavor: openSUSE Invis Server

Filed under
SUSE Beside many other amazing things which happened at the openSUSE Conference 2010, Stefan Schäfer gave a talk about his project called Invis Server.

Flashback to 2007: “GNOME will be a platform or a big tent”

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Software I was more than a little amused when (in a vanity exercise) I re-read Joe Brockmeier’s 2007 profile of me while I was OpenWengo community manager. Among the topics we talked about was where I saw GNOME going, and I said this:

openSUSE Conference big success

Filed under
SUSE “Collaboration Across Borders” – Under this moto the openSUSE Community received in Nuremberg several hundreds of Free Software enthusiasts and contributors.

GNOME Project Receives $15,000 for Accessibility Work

Filed under
Software The GNOME Project has received two grants for a total of $15,000 from Mozilla and from the Diferenças partnership for accessibility work.

Ubuntu Developer Summit: Dropping KDE Desktop

Filed under
Humor The Ubuntu Developer Summit is in full swing here in Florida. There have been a load of important decisions taken. For example today I dropped KDE from our desktop. I know this may be controvertial with some parts of the community but we can have unity in our new desktop..

Pardus 2011 Beta with new Package Manager

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Software You will see great improvements in the upcoming release; Pardus 2011 will be shipped with KDE 4.5.2 and a whole bunch of our management tools which are written with Python, PyQt and PyKDE. I guess the package-manager will be the most noteworthy one in all.

6 Fun Ways To Explore Ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu Learning a new operating system can be difficult, but is also really fun. If you’ve recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 on your computer and want to explore what this operating system is capable of, don’t panic: you’ll enjoy it.

China has the top supercomputer in the world, but it still runs Linux

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blogs.computerworld: If you want a really, really fast computer, there are all kind of ways to build the hardware architecture, but one thing that almost all of them have in common is that they run Linux.

Nautilus Terminal

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Interviews If you’re a Gnome user and have watched with envy as your KDE4-using friends effortlessly open a terminal directly in their file-browser, you may be interested in Nautilus Terminal.

A month of LibreOffice

Filed under
LibO Well it’s been an exciting month, and there’s more to come. Not only this blog has known a record high peaks of audience, but I really wanted to show what we are up to these days.

The Limits of Openness?

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opendotdotdot.blogspot: I've been a long-time fan of the 3D modelling program Blender. Here's a fascinating interview with Ton Roosendaal. It's well-worth reading, but there was one section that really caught my eye:

Who's afraid of the Maverick Meerkat?

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  • Who's afraid of the Maverick Meerkat?
  • Compiz based Unity will be available to test ‘ASAP’
  • Do Artists Use Ubuntu?

10 popular Windows apps that should be ported to Linux

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Software can’t tell you how many emails, phone calls, IMs, and Facebook messages I’ve gotten that asked when or if an application would be ported from Windows to Linux. Or how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I would use Linux, if X were ported to it!”

Fedora 14 Dives Deeply into Memory Debugging

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Linux Another innovation anticipated in Fedora 14 builds on the Python scriptability Red Hat engineers contributed to GDB. This capability allows developers to create new and richer functionality for this powerful debugger.

Spotlight on Linux: Arch Linux 2010.05

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Linux One of the top 10 most popular distributions on's page hit ranking is Arch Linux. It attracts a lot of users because of its ability to give the user a feeling of ownership without an excessive amount of time and effort.

Get a Feel of Firefox 4 in Ubuntu

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Moz/FF Firefox 4 is all over over the news and the funny thing is, Firefox 4 final release has not even happened yet. Firefox 4 beta 6 was released recently and it boasts of key performance improvements and a number of new and useful features like Tab Candy. Let's do a quick look.

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Los Alamos Releases File Index Product to Open Source

Today Los Alamos National Laboratory released new open source software called the Grand Unified File Index. GUFI is designed using a new, heirarchical approach to storing file metada, allowing rapid parallel searches across many internal databases. Queries that would previously have taken hours or days can now be run in seconds. Read more Also: Buzzwords: Open Source

A side-by-side comparison of MongoDB and Cassandra databases

They're both databases, obviously. More importantly, they are both examples of NoSQL databases. NoSQL is a type of database architecture in which data is stored in a relatively unstructured fashion. Compared to more traditional SQL-style databases, NoSQL can be a more efficient way of storing the large quantities of unstructured data that organizations commonly use for big data operations. MongoDB and Cassandra are also both open source -- although commercial implementations are available, too. But even in that respect, they are not identical. MongoDB is governed by GNU Affero General Public License 3.0, whereas Cassandra is subject to Apache License 2.0. Read more

This is the New Ubuntu 18.04 Default Wallpaper

You’re gawping at the brand new Ubuntu 18.04 default wallpaper. Yes, seriously! The new background image will make its appearance of tens of millions of desktops with the Ubuntu 18.04 release on April 26, 2018. Like the Ubuntu 17.10 ‘Artful Aardvark’ background new wallpaper incorprates the release mascot (which for this release is a ‘Bionic Beaver’) and is drawn using a geometric-come-origami style. Read more

Node.js Is Now Available as a Snap on Ubuntu, Other GNU/Linux Distributions

Now that Linux is the preferred development platform for developers visiting Stack Overflow, the need for running the latest versions of your favorite programming languages, frameworks and development environments has become more and more important, and Canonical's Snappy technologies are the answer. NodeSource, the organization behind Node.js, announced today they made a Snap package to allow Linux developers to more easily install the popular JavaScript runtime environment on their operating systems. Snap is a containerized, universal binary package format developed by Canonical for Ubuntu Linux. Read more