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The Wonders of rsync

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Linux App Finder: I've known about rsync for a while now, but I never got around to experimenting with it that much. When I decided to start regular automated backups I knew that incremental was the way to go. Downloading my entire server to my local machine everynight just wouldn't cut it. Fortunately rsync provided the perfect solution.

Red Hat CEO says he talked patents with Microsoft

Reuters: Red Hat Inc. Chief Executive Matthew Szulik said his company last year held talks with Microsoft Corp over a patent agreement that broke down before the software giant signed a deal with Red Hat rival Novell Inc.

Google Desktop released for Linux

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Google Google has today launched a beta version of Google Desktop search for Linux, a sign of growing support by the Internet giant for Linux on the desktop.

Simple Linux Backup rolls out new rev

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Software The Simple Linux Backup project announced the release of version 0.3.2 today. Simple Linux Backup is an easy-to-use program for backing up a desktop Linux system, with a friendly user interface, originator Steven J. Rosen said.

Mesa 7.0 released

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/home/liquidat: As promised Mesa 7.0 was released. Besides a set of bugfixes the most notable new features are support for OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL 2.1. This means that, finally after 3 yeas of waiting, the free X.Org graphics drivers can now support newer graphics technology.

The Lesser Apps of KDE - Games

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Raiden's Realm: While many people know that KDE does comes with a selection of games, which most OS's seem to come with these days, few are truly aware of what those games are and how they relate to their mainstream counterparts. In this look at the Lesser Apps of KDE, we'll take a peak at each of the included games and what they are.

Dig into Fedora 7

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Reviews This month I had a chance to install and test Fedora 7, the latest community-based release from the folks at Red Hat. Fedora and Novell's OpenSuse are Ubuntu Linux's two chief "competitors," if you care to frame things that way. All three distros are free downloads; all have vibrant online communities where you can go for tips, troubleshooting, and advice; and all three will hook you up with a modern, friendly environment that you can start exploring right away.

Kernel space: two new filesystems for Linux

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LinuxWorld: New filesystem technology for Linux includes high capacity, snapshots, copy-on-write, and on-the-fly corruption detection.

Red Hat profit rises on demand for Linux software

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Reuters: Red Hat Inc. reported higher profit on Wednesday on higher sales of its version of Linux software that companies are increasingly choosing over rival products to run business computers and data centers.

Mandriva vs PCLinuxOS

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blogbeebe: This past weekend I decided to download Mandriva One KDE (Mandriva Spring 2007 for cheapskates like me) and PCLinuxOS 2007. Both come as Live CDs, so that booting them up and kicking the digital tires a bit is not a problem.

KDE 4 goes on show at aKademy

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computerworld: The annual technical conference for the open source KDE desktop project, known as aKademy, will have a special buzz this year as developers from around the world prepare the fourth-generation release which promises all the glitz of Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

Blogging from the command line

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Software While podcasting and video blogging are all the rage, many people still prefer the simplicity of the typed word for expressing themselves online -- that is, a blog. However, popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Movable Type can be tough to configure and maintain. If you're not afraid of the command line, take a peek at Bash Blogger.

GPLv3 due on Friday 29th

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Free Software Mag: After a year and a half, GPLv3 is finally due this Friday, June 29th. Starting with the January 2006 launch, our focus in FSFE has on raising awareness and informing the free software community.

Post details: Distribution Checklist: Part 2 of 3

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Josh Saddler: In the first part of this series, I began asking questions that are useful in determining the answer to the old question "Which distribution is right for me?" This second part will look at maintaining the distribution and its available tools for the job, as well as its installation procedures.

Linux Goes to Space

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Linux Wind River Systems, Inc. has been selected by Honeywell Aerospace to support the development of NASA's New Millennium Program Space Technology 8 (ST8) Dependable Multiprocessor. The contract marks the first time a Linux platform has been selected by Honeywell for a space mission.

Dell to offer Ubuntu on more systems

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desktoplinux: Dell isn't resting on its recent consumer Linux PC laurels. The computing giant has added a new laptop -- the Inspiron 1420 Notebook -- to its Ubuntu Linux 7.04 offering. It is also replacing the Dimension E520 desktop with the new, low-priced Inspiron 530.

The current crop of Linux distributions

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Linux Last month the British Linux magazine, Linux Format, did a big comparison of the current crop of Linux packages or distributions (distros for short), concentrating on the ten most popular as measured by DistroWatch. I've installed most of these at some point in the past year. My experiences haven't been happy, in a lot of cases.

What is Microsoft's real agenda for the Linux community?

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Microsoft With Mandriva and others rejecting Microsoft's Linux payoff deal, there is a lot of talk lately about Microsoft's new Patent Infringement Protection Plan and how it might not be the “you scratch our backs and we wont stab you in yours” plan that it was initially thought to be.

Novell kicks off Hackweek

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regdeveloper: Open source developers at Novell are spending this week on a 'working holiday' that the company calls Hackweek. Almost all of Novell's 300 SUSE Linux and open source developers around the world - plus a few guests - have been given the week to work on whatever open source projects they want to support.

Twobuntu talk

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Linux I was honored to present my ideas about Ubuntu & Debian at Debconf 7, with a number of Ubuntu and Debian developers present, including Mark (first time I saw him in person) and DPL Sam Hocevar.

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