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Andreas Jaeger: openSUSE 10.2 is done

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We've mastered yesterday openSUSE 10.2 RC5 and declared it as
goldmaster. Looking at the comments on the opensuse mailing list and on the
websites I hear that 10.2 could become a "great distribution".

Installing Knoppix

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Recently for some reason I thought about trying to get some more use out of an ancient notebook. Almost 8 years old, with only 64 MB of memory and 4 GB of hard drive and a slow CPU -- in this day and age, anyhow: AMD-K6 475 -- it hasn't seen much use of late. On the other hand, Knoppix has been really impressive the last couple of years, including excellent hardware-recognition. Ought to be a snap to install it, particularly on something this old.

Also: Poor Man's Laptop: Richer Features

Linux Fits in Education

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From the desktop to the server room, there is a place for Linux in nearly any educational institution, large or small. The flexibility, stability, and cost savings Linux offers is compelling. With the right skills and careful planning, things that were impossible become possible, and formerly daunting tasks become simple.

Open Source Is More Than Software Alone

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Open source development is influencing phenomena far beyond software, including manufacturing processes, classroom teaching, and the types of media now emerging online, said CollabNet CTO Brian Behlendorf, best-selling author Thomas L. Friedman, and other members of a panel of business and technology visionaries.

Get CPU / System Load Average on Ubuntu Linux

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Ubuntu linux has a rich set of commands for getting system info. One of the useful pieces of information that a system administrator might need is to know what the overall system load on a server is.

How to setup a Ubuntu development server

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Since I'm starting some real work on my final school project, I want to install a Ubuntu development server here at home. In this first part I will show you how to install Subversion over WebDAV. In part 2 I will tell you how to install Trac on top of your Subversion repositories on your Ubuntu development server.

GP2X Adds Linux Flavor to Game Console Mix

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You want games? Whoa, Nelly! The GP2X plays straight ports of PC games such as "Quake" and "Doom," plus it can use emulators such as MAME, SNES, Atari, Sega Megadrive, Genesis and GameGear. The GP2X file archive has hundreds of free games, while sites such as ROMNation offer thousands more.

Query APT Configuration Using apt-config

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apt-config is an internal program used by various portions of the APT suite to provide consistent configurability. It accesses the main configura-tion file /etc/apt/apt.conf in a manner that is easy to use by scripted applications.

Micvell Linux (from Microsoft and Novell) ?

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A friend of mine who works in a computer manufacturing company told me today that Microsoft and Novell are planning to release a Micvell Linux. No actions are taken yet, both companies are at discussion stage now. According to this unchecked information Micvell Linux distributive will be kind of “compatible” with Windows Vista.

Full Post.

Treo vs. Blackberry: My comparison and verdict

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I've been a Treo user since the day the 600 was first released. But then my Treo was stolen last week at Borders in Palo Alto, and I had to quickly get a replacement. I went to the Cingular store in search of a 680 but, as Fabrizio notes, announcing a product's availability and its actual availability are two very different things with Palm. The sales representative at the Cingular store suggested that I might like the Blackberry 8700.

Revisiting the Hyper-Threading Vulnerability

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A patch to make disabling Hyper-Threading a boot time option resurfaced on the lkml. The patch was originally created in response to a Hyper-Threading vulnerability which was first discussed on the lkml in May of 2005.

Outlook 2007: Linux and Open Source

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Next year will be a big one for Linux, with new platforms and opportunities in the data center. We expect to see Linux maintain its torrid development pace, with major new enterprise releases from Red Hat and Novell as well as Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE.

Linux Faithful: Vista No Threat

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Don't dare ask Linux advocate Eric Raymond when he plans to run out to pick up his shrink-wrapped box of Windows Vista. Mr. Raymond is not alone. The Linux faithful were quick to dismiss Microsoft’s Windows Vista launch Thursday, saying it poses no threat to the adoption of the open-source operating system.

Shuckin' and Jivin'

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As some of you may recall, I am a native resident of Indiana and very proud of it. So I took it a little personally when I read the CRN story about the IDC study that revealed that Indiana school districts still prefer to purchase Windows desktops over Linux desktops, when given the choice.

Xandros 4.1 Professional - Review

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Xandros is a distribution based on Debian that is meant for home users and small businesses that use older versions of Windows (98, ME, 2000) while letting those users utilize all of their saved information from Microsoft Office by using CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office, which seamlessly installs and runs a variety of Windows' programs. Xandros is specifically designed for people who have only known and used Windows.

Red Hat: From 'Cuddly Penguin' to Public Enemy No. 1

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Marc Fleury, senior vice president of Red Hat's JBoss division, sat down with eWEEK Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft at the JBoss World conference here Nov. 20-22 and discussed a variety of subjects including increasing the Red Hat investment in JBoss R&D, evolving the JBoss code base and governance model, hiring, technology, and the Red Hat "cuddly penguin" growing some teeth.

Via, Puppy Linux tout "affordable" computing

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Puppy Linux was guest-of-honor at an "Affordable Community Computing Workshop" this week in the Philippines, where participants assembled and took home ultra low-cost, PC-like computing devices.

Creating a declarative security model for RCP applications

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Thick client-based business applications require rigid security regulations where different classes of users receive a predetermined set of access rights. This article explains how to build a flexible security model for Rich-Client Platform (RCP) applications by leveraging features provided by the Eclipse platform.

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper) vs Ubuntu Edgy Eft

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One of my blog readers ask me personally about which Ubuntu distribution that he should use, whether its Ubuntu 6.06 LTS or the latest release, Edgy Eft. As for my personal opinion, it depends on your own use.

PS3 Linux

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I'm writing this article on a game console. A PlayStation 3, in fact, running the extraordinarily competent 2.0 Writer application on the Linux operating system. It wasn't even that difficult to get to this point; but the question is, should you bother, and what does the availability of Linux mean to the average gamer considering a PS3 purchase?

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