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IE is like malaria, says Mozilla VP

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Microsoft Mozilla's VIP of engineering has again likened Internet Explorer to malaria, insisting that although a lot of people have it, most of them wouldn't actively choose it.

A Conversation with Chris Mason on BTRfs

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Interviews If you run your data center on Linux you have likely heard of BTRfs, the next generation file system that was recently merged into the kernel. I recently sat down with Oracle developer Chris Mason to discuss the file system, how he corrupted Linus’ root filesystem with his first patch (and lived to tell about it).

Praise the Mono and Pass the Ammo

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Software There has been a lot of pro-Mono and anti-Mono arguments assaulting the community of late. The debate is not new but both sides have taken up arms since some distributions have decided to either remove Mono or include Mono by default.

Gripes with Ubuntu

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gnuski.blogspot: I don't want to be negative, but Ubuntu just doesn't cut the souce with me. When people ask why I don't use Ubuntu, I can come up with many reasons. I've decided to list them here.

Easily run Windows apps on Linux with CrossOver Linux 8

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blogs.computerworld: I was running Windows, and before it came along, MS-DOS, applications on Unix and Linux for ages. It was never especially easy, but experts could do it. With CodeWeavers' latest CrossOver Linux 8, though, it's become so easy that anyone should be able to do it.

Introduction to the Command Line

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Linux Guest blogger Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals writes about the production of the new textbook, Introduction to the Command Line.

First results of Electrolysis, multi-process Firefox

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Moz/FF A few weeks ago, Mozilla announced Electrolysis, a new project that aims to make Firefox a multi-process application, with separate processes for the user interface (chrome), each tab, and plugins, in order to provide higher stability.

Why I switched back from Ubuntu to Fedora

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atomkarinca.wordpress: The reason I switched from Windows to Linux was a very simple one: freedom. I used Ubuntu exclusively for about 3 years. But here I am, an Ubuntu enthusiast, using Fedora 11 now. And the reason is again simple: freedom.

Minirok 2.0 - Minimalist Audio Player for KDE4

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tuxarena.blogspot: Minirok is a minimalist audio player which ships with a simple and intuitive interface, which kind of resembles Amarok.

Creative Commons 101: Learn, understanding, and using

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OSS Now anybody who's ever been in the tech world has likely heard of free software licenses such as the ever famous GPL, as well as other open source licensing systems. But far fewer have heard of Creative Commons.

Nvidia says no to Linux on Tegra netbooks, chooses WinCE

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Linux Nvidia is endorsing Windows CE as its platform of choice for netbooks built with its ARM-based Tegra SoC. The company says that Linux is a nonstarter and Android isn't ready.

5 Ways to Decide on a Linux Distribution

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Linux Prejudices and opinions aside, at some point in your career you'll be asked to select a viable Linux distribution for your corporate network. How will you choose? Here are 5 ways.

Channel ambition is not a conspiracy

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Linux Dietrich H. Schmitz has posted to Groklaw a piece quoting my CompuTex coverage and claiming a dark conspiracy. I hate to disagree, but what happened at CompuTex was no conspiracy.

Honesty and openness 'will keep Firefox popular'

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Moz/FF Firefox 3.5 will continue to take market share from Internet Explorer, according to Mozilla's Vice President of Engineering Mike Shaver – with honesty and user focus still the main aim in an increasingly competitive environment.

Two clues Microsoft is losing its way

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Microsoft Steve Ballmer needs to brush up on Roman history. Otherwise he seems doomed to repeat it, as two recent Microsoft campaigns suggest.

Canonical’s Four Most Critical Ubuntu Partners

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Ubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, continues to build its channel partner program. Although the effort isn’t generating headlines yet, solutions providers can measure Canonical’s progress by keeping their eyes on four key Ubuntu partners.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 308

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Interviews: Robert Lange, co-founder and lead developer of VectorLinux

  • News: Fedora community LXDE live CD, Mandriva "Cooker" updates, Ubuntu's One Hundred Paper Cuts, Linux Mint and OpenBSD interviews
  • Released last week: Ultimate Edition 2.2, Parted Magic 4.2, SystemRescueCd 1.2.1
  • New additions: Macpup
  • New distributions: Anubis-Linux, AV Linux, AuroraUX, Intuitive, Linux Mangaka One CD, VINUX, Wires Cut Linux
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Sun's Schwartz sees open sauce with everything

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OSS SUN SUPREMO Jonathan Schwartz has been telling the Times of India that open sauce is booming.

Why I Use Linux: Arlie’s Story

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Linux The “Why I Use Linux” series continues. Today I am presenting a story written by Arlie Morris of Chino Hills, CA. Arlie is concerned with the upkeep that Windows has and became amazed at how much easier life can be with Linux.

today's leftovers:

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  • UbuntuOne - My Thoughts

  • Web Browser Memory Usage Benchmark Gets It All Wrong
  • Is Security Essentials Microsoft's answer to Linux's security record?
  • Linux Gaming at Linuxtag 2009
  • Dreamlinux 3.5 Quick Review and Screenshots
  • Open source activists target software patents
  • Updated AntiX 8.0-2-pt1 is Available for Testing
  • Reporting bugs upstream
  • Switching from vim to emacs
  • Netbooks and Nettops: Open-Source Plausible?
  • The Linux Action Show! Season 10 Episode 7
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