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Monitoring your hardware's temperature

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Sometimes it is useful to know the temperature of your hardware, to prevent it from frying. This information can easily be found, if your hardware provides the sensors needed, and we have the necessary software.

Stocking a toolbox for Linux panics

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Most IT managers put Linux on a server and watch the server run for years and years without crashing. A few are not so lucky. For the latter group, and those who'd rather be safe than sorry, Steve Best lists his favorite Linux troubleshooting and fix-it tools in this interview.

AllPeers: Killer app for Firefox?

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A new technology on the horizon could confound the RIAA and drag Firefox into the top browser position along with it. It just has to be open source to cause this much trouble.

Unexpected entries in Apache error_log

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For some time now I have noticed a large number of entries in my Apache error log. I looked at them briefly, but didn't have enough spare time to see why I was getting so many, so I just ignored this for many months.

Well, I finally found the time to look into this and was both surprised and puzzled by what I found. Frankly, I'm still puzzled by some of it.

SuperMaze 1.0 is ready to buy

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SuperMaze is a simple to learn and play humorous nonviolent 3D hunt-and-shoot game using Smileys as the main actors in a maze style environment. You may download the shareware version of SuperMaze from the Decane website for free!

openSUSE Project Says 750,000 Linux Installs

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Novell's project, launched in August 2005, continues to generate tremendous interest and activity, recently surpassing 13 million page views and 750,000 verified installations of SUSE® Linux.

Also: Novell To Offer OpenSUSE Development Framework

Mozilla Is Certifiably Hot

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Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox browser finished the year with a flourish, a Web measurement firm said Wednesday, and came within half a point of the 10 percent market share that many analysts have set as the bar to long-term success against Microsoft's leading Internet Explorer.

Returning to Desktop Linux Again

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For years I have had an on-again/off-again relationship with desktop linux. My old flame: Debian running fvwm. Over the years, however, we have both changed. So, I first downloaded the Kubuntu live CD, burned it, and booted it on my laptop.

CERT's Best-Worst Vulns of 2005

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Which operating system logged the most vulnerabilities in 2005?

According to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-Cert) 2005 year-end index, Unix/Linux racked up more reports of vulnerabilities compared to Windows.

French gendarmes ditch more Microsoft

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The French public sector has once again shown its love of open source with the news the gendarmerie - the French military police - is to switch to Firefox and Mozilla's email client Thunderbird.

Consumer Electronics Show 2006

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Googly-eyed on the eve of CES, Analyst sets target at $600 per share as rumors swirl, Gates rolls out bold new Vistas, & Microsoft's next-generation system designed to be a living-room hub.

Linux 101: An all inclusive and comprehensive list of available Linux services

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This document lists the majority of services available for any distribution of Linux. The list includes a description of each service's purpose, and a comment regarding whether it is a required service.

Will Windows with Unix see off Linux?

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Which means Microsoft must be increasingly nervous about its future as a vendor of server software. Analysts report astonishing growth in the Linux server market - some 63 percent year-on-year, according to IDC. That's a figure Microsoft could only dream of.

Hence Microsoft is trying to look more and more like a cross between a Unix vendor and a Linux distributor.

GNOME and KDE battle rages on

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Linus Torvalds' accusation that GNOME has been developed by 'interface Nazis' has resulted in a heated debate between fans of rival Linux desktop environments

Masked malware, VM and Linux attacks coming in 2006

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In this interview, Moreau predicts the top IT security threats in 2006, opines on 2005's most important IT security developments, compares Linux and Windows security and lists his favorite open source security tools.


Why Linux Is More Secure Than Ever

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As Linux becomes more prevalent in today’s enterprise systems, it raises questions about the best way to protect the open source technology. David Humphrey, senior technology advisor for Ekaru, a Westbrook, Mass.-based technology services company, discussed some of those issues.

OOo Off the Wall: Find and Replace

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In long documents, a strong search-and-replace tool is essential for editing duties. Although many users confine themselves to simple text searches,'s various searches are a match for any rival's. They also are remarkably consistent throughout Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress, the four main OOo applications.

BIOS from A to Z

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The Basic Input Output System - aka BIOS -resides in a small Flash EEPROM memory module on the motherboard. It's a form of read-only memory, but may be rewritten or programmed when the right tools and techniques are applied. During PC startup, the processor on the motherboard always executes the program stored in the BIOS as its first major maneuver.

The simple joys of the Internet

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Ten years ago, when the Internet was just becoming popular, the online world was all about creativity and communication. A message board or e-mail list composed only of text would be enough to capture your attention. And the same could be said about 2005, a year with a flourishing of creativity, often around ideas shunning glitz for simplicity and usefulness.

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