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Firefox 4 Nightlies finally adds ‘menu’ button

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Moz/FF The long-awaited ‘Firefox’ menu button has arrived in the latest nightly Linux builds – for now.

KDE 4 Look Part 3: A Week of KDE 4.5

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KDE So I’ve used KDE for about a work week. During that time I’ve pretty much gone to using the KDE versions of all my programs except Konqueror. I’m not sure if the Fedora 14 version of Konqueror is the one with Webkit, but last time I used Konqueror with KHTML it was mucking up a bunch.

New Mepis Alpha addresses boot bug on Anniversary

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Linux Today the third alpha-test release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0 is available in the form of SimplyMEPIS-CD_10.9.80_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_10.9.80_64.iso files. 11.0 Alpha 3 contains changes that are hoped to fix CD boot problems that have been identified by the MEPIS Testers--

Choose the Best Server for your Ubuntu updates & SC

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HowTos There are many download servers and mirror server, for ubuntu packages and updates, in this world. You can choose the best server available and set it as the download server for your software source in Ubuntu.

On Design Contests in FLOSS

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thorwil.wordpress: It seems to be somewhat popular to hold a contest, if a FLOSS project needs a (new) logo or other seemingly singular asset.

Opensuse Revolution: Design Ideas for the SUSE/KDE Desktop

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anditosan.blogspot: I have taken a lot of things into account in order to create these mockups, and they are far from perfect. I believe they make sense and I am sure that many could be inspired by what you see. openSUSE needs direction and image.

Nouveau Now Supports Overclocking Your GPU

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Software While the Nouveau driver may not yet have a stable Gallium3D or DDX driver release nor does it have capabilities like stabilized power management or OpenGL 3.x, if you want to overclock your NVIDIA graphics card with this open-source driver, you can now do so today.

A Class-Action Lawsuit In the Making: No Windows 7 Refund

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Microsoft I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite L675 laptop from Best Buy with the explicit intention of installing the 64-bit Fedora 14 GNU/Linux operating system on it. I talked to the resident "Geek Squad" guy and told him that I had absolutely no intention or desire to EVER run Windows 7 on the laptop. I believe that there is a strong case to be made that the inability to receive a refund.

today's odds & ends:

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  • Realtime Sunlight wallpaper v0.3.3 released
  • Plymouth manager lets you change boot theme, resolution in Ubuntu
  • Spacewalk 1.2 released, PostgreSQL ready, first analysis
  • Unity Place People – Day 2
  • openSUSE ambassador life
  • A Short Video Tour Of The Wayland Display Server
  • Should You Sell Red Hat Right Now?
  • Opera 11 One Step Closer to Beta
  • Fedora 14 Updates

some howtos:

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  • Install Virtualbox on Linux Mint Julia with USB Support and Shared Folders
  • How-To: Install Windows 3.1 on a Virtual PC
  • Lock down GNOME with Pessulus
  • Fedora 14 - How to Improve the font rendering
  • Faenza Icon Theme Not Only For Ubuntu
  • Gmail with Mutt email client
  • GNOME Shell and Debian Menu
  • Zombies, pocketbook, survival, Dedoimedo style
  • Use MintMenu In Avant Window Navigator
  • Disabling antialiasing for a specific font with freetype

Xorg or Wayland: Color me disinterested

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kmandla.wordpress: I laughed uproariously when the news filtered down to me, that Ubuntu was shifting its carcass toward Wayland, as opposed to the ancient monolith Xorg.

Gloobus Preview Opens Almost Anything, Quickly

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Software Hit space, see a quick preview of almost any file. Gloobus Preview bills itself as “the holy grail of preview” which may be an overstatement – but not by much.

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 150

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Some funky fresh news on Mandriva Linux

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MDV Things are starting to look really nice now, cooker activity seems to have gotten back to previous levels and even then some and interest from new contributors seems to have increased as well, really nice to see!

Firefox 4 UI update brings snazzy, new alert pop-ups

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Moz/FF Lest you think blogger Long Zheng is all about Microsoft apps, our Australian friend has a keen eye on all kinds of bleeding-edge software. -- including Firefox 4. Today he noticed a change in the Firefox 4 nightly build -- sexier, semi-translucent alert dialogs.

Dolphin Improvements for KDE SC 4.6

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ppenz.blogspot: As usual after the KDE feature freeze, I'd like to give an overview which improvements have been done in Dolphin for the next KDE SC.

5 Unusual Games for Linux

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Gaming We often hear that there are no games on Linux, or that are much worse than their counterparts for windows, so today I want to show some unusual games that run perfectly on our favorite operating system.

The State of Desktop Search on Linux

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Linux Desktop search is one of those techs that keeps coming back and never really sticking.

Software Freedom and the GNU GPL

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ubuntuwicohan.blogspot: The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) is perhaps one of the easiest software licenses to both understand and use. Yet, in part due to corporate astroturfing campaigns of deliberate disinformation, it and the concept of software freedom is often also misunderstood.

Documenting and challenging community misogyny

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OSS Not much has changed since I first reported on sexism in free software over a year ago. Probably the biggest change is that small groups of people are now talking about the situation, and trying to document it and find solutions --

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