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Windows Guru Uses Linux To Push Windows

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Dumping Blogger... check. Moving to WordPress... check. Apache over IIS... check. CentOS over Windows... ch... Whoa! Stop the tape!


Stable kernel released

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Today's first stable 2.6.16 release is It contains a fix for a potential inter-process information leak on the i386 and x86-64 architectures.

Open Source is bad... except when Microsoft uses it

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Back in January 2005, Bill Gates took a back-handed slap at open-source saying, "modern-day sort of communists," think "open-source advocates." Fast forward to April 2006 when Eric S. Raymond has just discovered that Microsoft is now selling a vector-graphics editor "Microsoft Expressions," which includes some of his open-sourced work.

Mandriva Cooker : The inside Man

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Many things happen lately on Mandriva Cooker :

*KDE 3.5.2 : After having releasing koffice 1.5 with maestria, Laurent begins to put KDE 3.5.2 in cooker.
*Gnome 2.14.1 : Still on the bleeding edge front, after his holiday in Mexico, Fred begins to put Gnome 2.14.1 in cooker.

Oracle and Novell clam up about possible merger

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While the world holds its breath waiting to see if Oracle is serious about entering the Linux market. Novell and Oracle staff are putting a zipper on their beaks about the matter. Oracle and Novell staff that we talk to just giggle, wink, and say no comment.

How To: synchronising subtitles with subtitleeditor

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In a previous article I introduced subtitleeditor and explained how-to create a new subtitle from scratch. This article is going to explain how you can synchronise subtitles with subtitle editor. From changing the framerate to moving subtitles or scaling, here we go.


The varied flights of Ubuntu Dapper Drake

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The first time I got introduced to Ubuntu was when I installed Ubuntu Breezy 5.10 on my PC. And when Canonical released the beta version of the next major Ubuntu release called Dapper Drake, I decided to download and install it on one of the free partitions on my machine.

Also: Planning Dapper+1

Device Profile: Kangaroo TV IVT-200

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You don't think of NASCAR fans as Linux users, so much, but a new wireless handheld device available for rent at select races makes them just that. The NASCAR FanView devices rented out by Sprint at Nextel Cup races are based on Kangaroo TV's IVT-200.

OpenDocument Alliance Triples in Size

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The ODF Alliance, an organization of companies supporting the adoption of the OASIS OpenDocument format, announced Tuesday that its membership had more than tripled in less than two months. Since March 3, its ranks have grown from 38 to 138.

Open Source Hardware

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The benefits of commodity hardware are well known. Competition among memory, storage, and chip providers has benefited the consumer and driven down PC prices. My belief is that the next big "open opportunity" is for the Open Source commodity laptop. Donation Boosts Open Source Development

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Web recently donated $10,000 to the OpenSSH project, which provides free secure server management tools utilized extensively by Go Daddy in its server infrastructure. This comes after moving all their services to Microsoft solutions. Is it too little to late to dress up that public image now in time for their ipo?

Managing multiple desktops in KDE

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Managing a department is no picnic, but managing space on your desktop can be even more troublesome. At any given moment, you may have any number of applications open on the desktop at once. Each one carries critical pieces of your daily life. You've got your e-mail client, a spreadsheet or two, that speech you're working on and a project planner. Throw in a browser window or two and your desktop's a mess.


How to boot Knoppix 4.0 from a USB Flash Drive

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The following instructions describe the process for installing Knoppix Linux on a USB flash drive. This allows the OS to be booted directly from the flash drive. These instructions are designed to be performed from a Windows PC.

Thinking in Java, 4TH edition review

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There are a lot of books that try to teach both object-oriented programming and the Java language to autodidacts, but few do it so effectively as Prentice Hall's Thinking in Java, now in its fourth edition. If you're totally new to computer programming, or if you have trouble concentrating on what you're reading, you may need a more elementary text, however.

Debugging 101

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Recently, a colleague and I were working together to resolve a bug in a piece of code she had just written. The bug resulted in an exception being thrown and looking at the stack trace, we were both puzzled about what the root cause might be.

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